Festival Teatro di Strada

International Street Theater Festival

The idea of the festival, born from the Baracca dei Buffoni's experience in Italy and abroad as artists and event organizers of street art, is to offer a unique event that can give visibility and poetic dimension to the host city. Music, Commedia dell'arte, circus and theater come together in a unique theater which has the sky as a roof.

Come, gentlemen, come…
The megaphone is ready, the auctioneer is in costume ready to announce that in a few days, once again, for one night, as in the best fairy tales, in the streets dreams come true.

Thanks to the perseverance and professionalism of the Baracca dei Buffoni, today the festivals supported by their organization are a landmark not only for the own citizens, that since the first edition have shown great interest and participation for the event, but also for the neighboring municipalities and the city of Naples. This is the demonstration that the enthusiasm, creativity and good ideas always generate good results.

Artisti in Chiazza - Representative Video



Canalarte - Representative Video