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La Baracca dei Buffoni is a theater company, which is mainly committed in street theater. The essence of the "Baracca dei Buffoni" wants to be, as well as artistic, a project to promote, produce and distribute both theater and street artists.
Since its beginning the company has been involved in a continuous research about the possible languages of street theater. The different artistic experience of the various actors who work with the group allows the company to find a new language in the performing arts, in the street performers, in the circus, in the dance, in the art of mime, in the use of stilts, in the clown and in the music, so to have the opportunity to create their own shows. The multidisciplinary nature of the touring shows of the company, allows a communication that is able to reach a different audience both in age and social background.
Currently the shows produced by the company are present in numerous programes both in Italy and abroad, dense over the years has been the collaboration with some important companies in Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland and Albania, the collaborations with personality likes Renzo Piano, Vinicio Capossela and the Vanzina brothers. The company also is the art director of numerous events of street theater.
A rich and charming art, full of unique and surreal characters, that uses poetic artifice and fiction, in a theater that has the sky as a roof.
The company in addition to the artistic activity, also makes promotion in the cultural and social, through training courses artistic, performed at public and private organizations such as associations or cooperatives, particularly those addressing children at risk.


Baracca dei Buffoni

Baracca dei Buffoni - Associacione Culturale


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