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Street Theatre - Fleur

The idea of this new project draws its inspiration from the beauty of flowers. A touring show of great emotional-poetic impact
A manufacturer of charm with its magical watering can, becomes a gardener, followed by giant flowers worn by stilt walkers and magical characters
He brings with him music and perfumes.
The show as well as visual become olfactory.
Sowing, flowering, the flower arrangement become the reason that stirs the 5 characters up in a series of choreographies and interactions with the audience, bringing the audience in a dreamy atmosphere, a fantastic world made of poetry, perfume, love ...

Data Sheet

  • Technical Requirements: Pedestrian Zone , Make-up Dressing
  • Needed Actors: 5 Actors
  • Duration: Variable
  • Used techniques Sensory Parade, stilts, music, dance and street theatre.
  • Theme:Show for all ages.

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