Teatro di Strada

Street Theatre - La Repubblica di Scartù

Based on the waste

"The futility creates wild dancing, in a world recycled, spins the carousel iron.
Mountains tin, simply are transformed, scrap becomes poetry "
The Republic of Scartù is a tribute to the man and his waste.
. A new world built with characters which come out of a "junkyard".
Waders machines, giants and nice crazy monsters, scraps of music, masks and iron goblins in a surreal scenario, obtained by the leftovers of man. Fire, buffoonery and live music “

Data Sheet

  • Technical Requirements: Pedestrian Zone , Make-up Dressing
  • Needed Actors: 7 Actors
  • Duration: Variable
  • Used Techniques: Street Theatre, Live Music, fireshot, stilts, fires.
  • Show for all ages


Representative Video

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Pictures Gallery

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