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Street Theatre - Fratelli Cavallo "Zonzo Equestre"

Spettacolo Itinerante

Why the white clown continues to struggle all evenings with his companion?
To play his violin ? To recite his poetry ? To sing ?
Our answer is: to give himself and his poetry to the audience.
In this new production, the company aims to show the most elegant and refined part of this character together with the funniest part, belonging to the Augustus .
Traveling performance in which the two clowns (Horse Brothers) trot with two horses, continuing their eternal conflict, bringing fun and poetry to the audience.

Data Sheet

  • Technical Requirements: Zona pedonale , Pedestrian Zone , Make-up Dressing
  • Needed Actors: 2 Actors
  • Duration: Variable
  • Used Techniques: White Clown, August Clown.
  • Show for all ages

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